Advice columns are where the real philosophy is getting done.


Philosophy, The University of Chicago

If you want to get drugs directly into your brain, then drill a hole in your head.


Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto


If you ever feel bad about your mistakes remember that my sales district manager at Barnes & Noble once sent back an entire shipment of manga because he thought they were accidentally printed backwards

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Crazy people are, in fact, more creative, so here’s why you should be very careful what psych meds you take if you want to be able to art any more.


Psychology, Wells College

You can figure out why something went wrong by looking at how much it’s like something else that went wrong some other time.


Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University

create sentences like this poetry


English, University of Vermont

Biopolitical vs. psychoanalytic understandings of temporality in post-queer anti-humanist film. Or, maybe if I throw in enough jargon they won’t notice I only started writing this last week.


Rhetoric, UC Berkeley

Anselm’s ontological proof for God’s existence completely fails because he literally didn’t understand basic grammar.


Philosophy, Denison University